Turbocor Receives EPA Award
Apr 15, 2004
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Turbocor Inc. announced that its Turbocor compressor was awarded the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency's (EPA) Climate Protection Award. The compressor is only the second HVAC refrigeration technology to be selected to receive this highest of environment awards, the manufacturer reported.

"All of us at Turbocor are indeed honored to receive this prestigious award," Brian Evans, Turbocor president and CEO, said in a statement. "We feel that the Turbocor technology epitomizes the goal of the U.S. EPA's Responsible Use vision; a vision that encourages owners, system designers, and manufacturers to invest in highest efficiency/lowest emissions technologies and then provide documented sustainability of this high level performance over the entire lifetime of the product, system or service."

Turbocor said the following features are the main reasons the compressor was awarded by EPA:

  • Highest Efficiency/Lowest Emissions -- in the targeted tonnage range of 50 to 300 tons, the Turbocor compressor, which uses a two stage, direct-drive, hermetic centrifugal compressor complete with a Variable Frequency Drive (VFD), has up to a 33-percent energy efficiency advantage over traditional compressor technologies, especially at part load conditions which is where systems tend to operate the majority of the time. High efficiency not only makes economic sense for owners but also helps reduce utility generated greenhouse gas emissions critical to helping protect the environment.
  • Sustainability – This is said to the first compressor in the industry to be completely oil-free. Because oil can degrade the performance of chillers and other HVAC equipment by coating the heat transfer surfaces, its elimination is a significant sustainable performance advantage, the company said. The result is that Turbocor's efficiency advantage can be sustained over the entire lifetime of the equipment.
  • Documentation – Many owners and environmentalists want to ensure that efficiency claims, and especially sustainable efficiency claims, can be documented. The Turbocor compressor offers web-based monitoring and diagnostics, providing real-time performance documentation at levels literally unheard of with traditional technologies. Proof of sustainable performance has never been easier or more cost effective.
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