Arcelik Presents Winning Paper
Apr 12, 2004
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Turkish appliance maker Arcelik A.S. announced that its paper titled, "Design Procedure and Numerical Analysis of Air Flow Channels for Tumble Dryer," received an Award of Excellence from the 55th International Appliance Technical Conference (IATC), held March 29-31 in Lexington, KY, U.S.

The paper was written by Dr. Kemal Sarioglu, Levent Akdag, Deniz Seker, and Ewald Weber, specialists of the Research and Technology Development Center of Arcelik. Ewald Weber presented this award winning paper at IATC held in cooperation with University of Kentucky in Lexington.

"The paper covers the analysis of the fluid dynamic process in a tumble dryer," said Ewald Weber, product engineering coordinator of Arcelik. "This fluid dynamic process has a heavy influence on the performance of the tumble dryer. The dryness level and drying time are especially affected. In this paper, we are presenting a computational fluid dynamic approach by considering hot and cold airflow. Our study led to the development of methods that enable time and energy savings."

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