Study Shows European Broadband Internet Services Stealing TV Viewers
Apr 8, 2004
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Television broadcasters are losing millions of viewers to broadband Internet services, according to new research from Strategy Analytics (Newton, MA, U.S.).

In a recent survey of 800 European broadband users across seven countries, 56 percent said they were spending less or a lot less time watching television since subscribing to broadband.

"Television is clearly suffering the most from the rapid growth of broadband," reported David Mercer, principal analyst at Strategy Analytics. "A growing number of viewers are now choosing to spend their spare time communicating online and finding entertainment on the Internet, rather than sitting in front of the TV set. TV companies need to face up to this reality and start preparing for the brave new world of broadband entertainment," Mr. Mercer said.

According to the research firm, TV programmers and service providers can deal with this trend by continuing to emphasize iTV services and Digital Video Recorders (DVRs). At the same time, the industry should plan to make the broadband channel an integral part of their planning for future TV programming.

The research also showed that broadband users are also spending less time with other traditional media, such as printed publications and radio. However, in these cases some users also reported an increase in usage, reflecting the fact that these media have made their content available on the Internet.

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