TDK Becomes Newest Member of Blu-ray Disc Founders Group
Mar 22, 2004
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The Blu-ray Disc Founders has added TDK, a manufacturer of optical discs, as its newest member, to its group.

With the support of TDK, the Blu-ray Disc Founders says it is broadening its industry support to develop and establish Blu-ray Disc as the next generation optical disc.

The Blu-ray Disc format is poised to leverage two key market trends. First, the arrival of high definition television, and second, consumers' receptivity to new forms of broadband entertainment. In order to record high definition video or TV programs onto a disc, a large capacity format is needed. Blu-ray Disc provides up to 50 GB on a dual layer, single-sided disc, which equals about 5 hours of high-definition video content.

Blu-ray Disc will offer the largest capacity on a blue laser-based optical disc for the consumer market and will enable it to deliver new applications such as interactive services to consumers, according to the Blu-ray Disc Founders.

"We are pleased to support the Blu-ray Disc format, since it is the format we believe in," said Mr. Masatoshi Shikanai, corporate officer of TDK. "Our new hard-coat technology is perfect for producing robust, bare Blu-ray discs in a cost-efficient way. It will provide the optical media industry with a disc that can be efficiently produced at a large scale, and it offers the consumer a robust recordable or rewritable disc with the same handling capability as DVD. We are very excited about supporting this format."

The Blu-ray Disc is being developed on the basis of the successful CD and DVD formats, using 12-cm optical discs. With the addition of a red laser, Blu- ray Disc players and recorders can easily be made backward compatible with DVD. It will enable millions of consumers to play their existing DVD collection on a Blu-ray Disc product, be it in the personal computer (PC) or consumer electronics (CE) domain.

Blu-ray Disc is being optimized for both PC and CE applications, such as playing high definition movies, recording TV programs, capturing camcorder footage, storing and archiving data, as well as preserving personal content.

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