Dirt Devil Surveys Americans about Spring Cleaning
Mar 19, 2004
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A recent survey conducted by floor care company Dirt Devil (Glenwillow, OH, U.S.) polled 3,200 American consumers to find out how they feel about spring cleaning.

According to those polled, out of all the rooms in the home, the kitchen receives top priority during spring cleaning. When asked, 45 percent said they first focus on cleaning the kitchen when tackling spring cleaning chores. Next on the list is the living room (25 percent), followed by the bedroom (15 percent), the family room (9 percent), the bathroom (4 percent) and other rooms (2 percent).

As for why we spring clean -- a sense of satisfaction drives the majority (45 percent) of survey participants to grab the dustpan and broom come March. Another 26 percent say they just can't stand the winter mess, while a close 24 percent say they spring clean just because they have to. The remaining 5 percent cite "other" reasons for spring cleaning.

The Dirt Devil survey also revealed the spring cleaning tasks consumers dislike. For example, 46 percent of those asked say washing windows is their least favorite job. Cleaning closets came in at a distant second with 18 percent. Not far behind, tied at 9 percent, were cleaning the garage and cleaning out cupboards. This was closely followed by cleaning the basement at 8 percent. A mere 5 percent said they disliked vacuuming, while another 5 percent noted "other" chores as their least favorite.

Washing windows may be one of Americans least favorite jobs, but on the flip-side it's the most rewarding job once completed. According to 30 percent, they feel a real sense of accomplishment after washing windows. The same holds true for cleaning out closets. Although it's not a popular chore, 26 percent say they receive a sense of satisfaction when it's done. Next comes vacuuming, at 18 percent, followed by cleaning out the cupboards (9 percent), cleaning the garage (6 percent), and cleaning the basement (4 percent). Seven percent noted "other" chores as the most rewarding.

It's a battle of the sexes when it comes to who really thinks they do more spring cleaning. More than 77 percent surveyed believe they complete the majority of spring cleaning tasks in the home, while 22 percent felt they do more then their spouses. Less than one percent of children chip in during spring cleaning.

The consumer survey was conducted by Dirt Devil from Feb. 26 through Feb. 29, 2004. A total of 3,200 surveys were completed via the Internet.

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