Hitachi Establishes Hitachi Group Headquarters
Mar 12, 2004
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Hitachi, Ltd. announced plans to establish the Hitachi Group Headquarters on April 1, 2004. According to the electronics company, this will develop and execute group management strategy and expand Hitachi's group synergy. The establishment of Hitachi Group Headquarters is part of Hitachi's structural reform under the company's current medium-term management plan entitled, i.e.HITACHI Plan II.

Isao Uchigasaki, chairman of the Board of Hitachi Chemical Co., Ltd., is to head the Hitachi Group Headquarters and will be appointed concurrently Hitachi Group executive officer at Hitachi. The Hitachi Group Headquarters will have three divisions: Hitachi Group - Global Business, headed by Hiroaki Nakanishi, vice president and executive officer; Hitachi Group - Legal and Corporate Communications, headed by Takashi Hatchoji, vice president and executive officer; and Hitachi Group - Corporate Strategy, headed by Makoto Ebata, executive officer.

Mr. Nakanishi and Mr. Hatchoji will be named senior vice president and executive officer, and Mr. Ebata will become vice president and executive officer on April 1, 2004.

As a conglomerate of businesses, Hitachi develops businesses in a broad of field with many subsidiaries, including public companies. The company says the group headquarters is being established for improving Hitachi's activity on global market and to increase its corporate value continuously.

Details of the Hitachi Group Headquarters have not been finalized, but the company said 50 of its approximate 200 staff members will be named from subsidiaries and Hitachi's business groups eventually. Hitachi said it will also promote the exchange of personnel between Hitachi and its Group companies. Hitachi believes these initiatives will improve its group management system from the perspective of the Group as a whole.

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