HI Corp. and Sony Ericsson Sign Worldwide License for 3D Rendering Engine
Mar 11, 2004
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Tokyo, Japan-based HI Corporation, which is involved in the development of packaged software, systems, and games, and in seminar instruction to professional engineers, and mobile phone maker and communications company Sony Ericsson have reached a worldwide license agreement in which HI has licensed to Sony Ericsson its 3D-rendering engine "Mascot Capsule(R) Engine Micro3D Edition."

Sony Ericsson will use the Micro3D for mobile terminals planned for manufacture and distribution around the world by Sony Ericsson in connection with JSR-184 (Java Mobile Graphics 3D API).

The plan calls for supply of Micro 3D Edition Version 4, and includes support for Open GL(R) ES.

Micro3D Edition is already in mainstream use in Japan. The first handsets implemented with Micro3D Edition in accordance with the agreement are planned for launch in the second quarter of 2004.

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