Maytag Introduces New Handy Chiller
Mar 10, 2004
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Appliance maker Maytag International announced that it will be the exclusive distributor of the Cooper Cooler Rapid Beverage & Wine Chiller in the UK and Ireland under the new name, the Maytag Handy Chiller.

The Maytag Handy Chiller is able to chill cans to refrigerator cold, or 43°C, in 1 min, bottles in 3.5 min, and 750 mL wine bottles in 6 min. Beverages can be chilled to ice cold, or 33°C in double the above times. According to Revolutionary Cooling Systems (RCS), the product manufacturer, the Handy Chiller requires ice and water to operate and is 90 times faster than a refrigerator and 40 times faster than a freezer for chilling cans.

In Europe, most non-perishable beverages are sold warm at retail. According to RCS president Greg Loibl, "With the Maytag Handy Chiller, you can store your shelf stable beverages like beer, soda, water, and wine warm, freeing up valuable refrigerator space for your more perishable food items.

The chiller can also be used as a warming device, simply by using hot tap water.

RCS also announced that it has released the Cooper Cooler Tailgater(TM) Rapid Beverage & Wine Chiller featuring a household 110/120V plug and 12 ft 12V cigarette lighter plug. Using 30 watts, the chiller can cool cans in 1 min, bottles in 3.5 min, and 750mL wine bottles in 6 min.

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