HP Announces Initiatives to Advance Security of Digital Entertainment Content
Mar 5, 2004
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Hewlett-Packard (HP) has announced several initiatives to advance the security of digital entertainment content for consumers, artists, media companies, and distributors.

HP has become a member of a digital rights management licensing and compliance framework, has licensed new video protection technologies from Intel, and has partnered with Philips to propose a copy protection technology solution to the U.S. Federal Communications Commission (FCC).

HP has joined the Content Management Licensing Authority (CMLA) as a founding member contributor in order to support industry-wide adoption of mobile handsets and other devices that deploy Open Mobile Alliance's Digital Rights Management (DRM) version 2.0 technical specification.

The CMLA will address critical digital content delivery concerns by creating a licensing and compliance entity that implements the specification. This entity will provide the necessary keys and certificates to licensed device manufacturers and service providers and enable interoperability between participants.

The CMLA also will facilitate open participation in the Open Mobile Alliance DRM environment by defining standard agreements among service providers, content providers and device manufacturers. Members of CMLA include companies such as Intel, Nokia, Panasonic, and Samsung.

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