Wine Cellars a Growing Trend in Boston, MA, U.S.-Area Homes
Feb 26, 2004
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Wine cellars are becoming an increasing trend for consumers of all income levels, according to Jarvis Appliances, a 45-year old, family-owned and operated appliance dealership in Hanover, MA, U.S.

The company noted this trend during its recent unveiling of a wine room as part of its new 7,000-sq ft showroom

"They aren't for the rich anymore, and the concept has made it's way upstairs into every room in the house," Tony Jarvis, a principal at Jarvis Appliances, notes in a press release announcing its notice of the new trend. "Even apartment dwellers can get in on the trend with units designed for smaller spaces. From kitchens to pantries, dining rooms to game rooms, wine cellar cabinets are becoming increasing popular in area homes."

The company says that a standard refrigerator is generally too cold and unable to regulate humidity, so homeowners are now looking for wine storage systems that protect their investment.

"They also enjoy the luxury of storing wine within an arm's reach in any room of the home," Mr. Jarvis says.

In support of this trend, the Boston Design Home scheduled to begin tours on May 1, 2004 has a complete wine cellar and then offers additional wine storage units throughout the home.

"As more people enjoy wine for health and entertaining, the interest in proper storage to enhance the experience and for many to protect an investment is a growing local trend," Mr. Jarvis notes. "The wine cellar cabinets have become a very popular item as more choices have become available."

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