Future of the Digital TV Market to Be Debated
Feb 20, 2004
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The future of the digital TV market will be debated by leading consumer electronics (CE) and information technology (IT) brands, display manufacturers, electronics suppliers, market analysts and technologists at the upcoming 6th Annual DisplaySearch US FPD Conference from March 30-April 1 in San Diego, CA, U.S

Dell, Gateway, and InFocus will represent IT brands that have recently entered the TV market, with Hitachi, Panasonic, and Samsung representing traditional CE brands. The impact of the IT brands entry into the TV market will be discussed in the conference's "Channel" session.

In addition, the brands will discuss how they are positioning the different TV display technologies and the outlook by technology. DisplaySearch TV market analyst Andrew Shulklapper, who recently left Circuit City after 5 years as the company's principal TV buyer, will provide his outlook on channel trends and DisplaySearch's latest TV market outlook by display technology.

In addition, TV display developers and manufacturers—Intel, LGE, LG, Philips Displays, Plasmaco (Panasonic), Samsung Electronics, and Texas Instruments—will present the latest progress in and outlook for their respective technologies and markets. Technologies covered include CRT, DLP, LCoS, PDP, and TFT LCD.

Technologists Jumpei Nakamura from the Japan Picture Quality and Technology Laboratory and DisplaySearch's Norman Bardsley will provide their comparative TV display technology performance findings that cover a wide range of performance criteria.

Display electronics suppliers Analog Devices, Microsemi, National Semiconductor, Philips Semiconductors, Pixelworks, and Silicon Image will describe their latest developments related to TVs, monitors, and other display applications.

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