Haier TVs to Roll Out of Hotline Unit
Feb 17, 2004
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Despite the fact that barely 3 years ago Haier’s first attempt at entering India in collaboration with Hotline culminated in disagreement, and barely 6 months ago the firm left no stone unturned to thwart the Chinese major’s second attempt at entering the country, Hotline and Haier are partners once again -- thanks to a contract given by the foreign firm to Noida, India-based Dixon to produce color televisions.

Color TVs from major white goods maker Haier will now be produced out of Hotline’s Noida unit.

Dixon gave a sub-contract to Hotline, also a picture tube manufacturer that has excess capacity at its Noida unit.

The head of Haier’s newly set up Indian arm, TK Banerjee, said he was not bothered by the arrangement, though it might seem uncomfortable to some.

"As long as I get products as per my quality standards, I should not complain," he said. Mr. Banerjee is even open to working with Hotline directly in future. "After all, it has modern production lines," he pointed out.

"I am a businessman. I have to look out for business. I do not mind if they come with a clean deal. In this case anyway, they have not come to us directly," said Hotline Chairman Anil Gupta, who raised the pitch about Haier and the Chinese way of doing work when the joint venture did not work out. (Business Standard, India)

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