Haier Tops China's Brand-Name List
Feb 3, 2004
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Feb. 8 China's household appliance maker Haier was named as the country's most valuable brand-name company in the January issue of the Chinese version of Forbes Magazine. According to the article, titled "China's Most Promising Brands," Haier, headquartered in Qingdao, China, has become the largest household appliance producer on the Chinese mainland and a major supplier to the world market since 1984.

As the only Chinese brand on the list, Haier was ranked 95th after such household names as Coca-Cola, McDonald's, and Nokia, which were the top three. The list was edited after a 6-month study and analysis of 1,000 leading brands in the world according to the economic use method, a recognized method in international finance and sales. The appraisal standards include the popularity and reputation of the brands, consumer knowledge, recognition, preference, sales, and satisfaction, among which brand reputation is regarded as the key to appraising recognizability. (Xinhua)

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