Apple Rumored to Enter Home-Appliance Market
Feb 11, 2004
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Rumors that Apple plans to enter the home-appliance market are coming out of Cupertino, CA, U.S., sources recently told AppleInsider.

Although details are scarce, according to one source, the company's R&D dollars are being thrown at the development of a self-branded product based on an existing segment of the home-appliance market.

The company will reportedly attempt to repeat the success it had when it entered the existing portable digital music player market, only this time with a consumer appliance "done the right way." Also, like the iPod, the product is said to exist as its own entity and product, rather than an extension of the Macintosh platform.

If the rumors are true, further details should become available in the latter half of the year, when sources claim the product should be ready for market. (

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