Mobile Phone Sales Soaring
Feb 5, 2004
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Mobile phone sales increased steadily in 2003 with the biggest growth spurt occurring in the last quarter. Nearly a billion cell phones have been sold throughout the past 2 years.

IDC's Worldwide Mobile Phone QView figures show that the growth of mobile telephony remained on track despite such obstacles as the political upheavals in the Middle East, the SARS outbreak in Asia, and a sluggish world economy.

In 2003, there were sales of more than a half billion phones, according to IDC analyst David Linsalata. Last year, shipments rose to a record 533.4 million units, a 23.3-percent gain from 2002, when shipments totaled 432.7 million phones.

Growth was steady for most of the year, but it finished with a flourish: Almost a third of all shipments occurred in the fourth quarter. Shipments in the last 3 months hit 167.8 million phones, up 21.8 percent compared to the previous quarter and 29.7 percent higher compared to the fourth quarter of 2002. (

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