Legend Debuts Collaborative Handset in Beijing
Jan 28, 2004
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Legend's first collaborative handset ET560 made its debut at the company's Beijing, China tech show.

Preinstalled with the Collaborating Application protocol, the converged device of mobile handset and pocket PC, can interconnect and collaborate with home appliances and other devices such as personal computers, notebook computers, printers, and projectors via infrared, Bluetooth, and GPRS.

Typically, the following three applications can be easily fulfilled by ET560 which is expected to be available in the market in February:

  • Voice command—Users of ET560 can issue voice-activated commands to operate various home appliances, avoiding the hassle of using multiple remote controls. For example, they can select TV channel to show on their televisions by speaking the name of the channel.
  • Remote monitoring—Through connecting to the Internet with GPRS, the users can display their own images on their home PCs for example. Frequent business travelers can say hello to their families no matter where they are.
  • Remote document retrieval—ET560 users are able to retrieve computer documents from their PCs at work and print the documents out with a printer nearby or show them on the screen with a projector in the conference room.

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