Fairchild Semiconductor Earns Product of the Year Honors
Jan 26, 2004
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Two products of Fairchild Semiconductor, based in San Jose, CA, U.S., have been named "Product of the Year" winners by analogZONE. The FMS6417 was named "Best Video Filter" and the high-efficiency Fairchild Power Switch (FPS) family was selected as "Best Product for 1-W Initiative." analogZONE chose the winners based on strong technical merit, design innovation, and marketability.

Fairchild's FMS6417 five-channel, video reconstruction filter includes selectable RGB (YUV) high-definition and standard-definition (HD/SD) filters with Y, C, composite, and modulator outputs. The integrated product combines video line drivers, sound notch, and multiple video input/output standards into one chip.

"Fairchild's FMS6417 represents a complete filter solution, one that will help enormously in the crossover products between different video standards over the next few years," Paul McGoldrick, editor-in-chief, analogZONE, said in a press release announcing the awards. "Fairchild also manufacturers excellent analog switches which, when used with the FMS6417, will allow for the filter's use in multiple-channel A/V receivers. Legacy applications, such as RF Delivery, have been taken into account in the design of the FMS6417 with the inclusion of group delay predistortion and audio notching."
Best Product for 1-W Initiative:

Fairchild Power Switch (FPS) products feature burst-mode operation for stand-by mode (under 0.1W @ 265Vac). Fairchild's FPS also combines a fully avalanche-rated SenseFET (LDMOS) for current sensing (650V or 700V minimum breakdown ratings) with a voltage mode PWM IC—a combination that minimizes external components, simplifies designs and lowers costs in target applications.

Editor of analogZONE, Lee Goldberg, described why the FPS power switch family was chosen as a winning product: "Fairchild is to be congratulated on its line of BDCMOS power switches that make it easy for engineers to create cost-effective power supplies," Mr. Goldberg said in a press release. "These products satisfy the International Energy Agency's (IEA) 1-W Initiative aimed at reducing stand-by power losses to below 1W. By offering these innovative components, Fairchild has demonstrated that it's possible to produce products that put green into your bottom line as well as the planet."

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