Sony to Use IBM Software in DVD Recorders
Jan 22, 2004
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Japan's Sony Corp. will use image-reading software from International Business Machines Corp (IBM) in its DVD recorders and flat-panel TVs to be launched in the next business year, according to the Nihon Keizai Shimbun newspaper. The business daily said that Sony was expected to embed a modified version of IBM's "DB2 Everyplace" personal computer database software into the products, allowing users to search and index image data at faster speeds.

A spokesman at IBM Japan Ltd., the Japanese unit of the world's largest computer company, said that IBM had been supplying Sony with the database software since late 2003 but could not comment on how Sony would use the product, according to a Reuters report.

"It is true that Sony is using this database software and we believe they will consider using it in the development of future products," IBM Japan spokesman Tadashi Okamura said, according to the report. "But how it will eventually be used is a decision to be made by Sony."

Sony said in a statement that it was considering the option of employing IBM's software, but that it had not made any decisions about specific products.

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