Inventel Develops Bluetooth Cordless Telephone for the Home
Jan 16, 2004
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The French company Inventel, an industrial and engineering company specializing in radio communication, announced that it is launching its first residential cordless phone using Bluetooth technology.

According to the company, in the near future, Bluetooth will help cordless phones go beyond voice communication. Inventel's new phone features advanced features such as color display, polyphonic melodies, integrated games, a directory that holds up to 200 entries, and caller ID. It can also receive and send SMS text messages. With a radio link that allows voice communication and data transfer, the company claims the main benefit of the phone is its capacity to exchange data with other terminals equipped with Bluetooth and, more particularly, to communicate with cell phones.

Inventel says it is convinced that the future lies in the convergence between communication terminals that users already have (cell and cordless), enabling them to share resources. As an increasing number of cell phones are already equipped with Bluetooth technology (an IDC survey shows that in 2006, 80 percent of cell phones marketed in France will embed this wireless technology), the integration of Bluetooth in residential phones will allow users, for example, to synchronize directories.

The project, the company says, is of importance for fixed network operators as people increasingly call from their own GSM (Global System for Mobile Communications) at home because their complete directory is in their cell phone.

In addition, Bluetooth technology integrated in the residential telephony will reportedly extend the use of the cordless handset to data transfer, Internet access, and interaction with PCs -- MP3 streaming, mini-browser, exchange of MMS (Multimedia Messaging Service).

The new Bluetooth cordless phone implements CTP profile (Cordless Telephony Profile). It is compatible with Bluetooth 1.1 long-range and will evolve with a simple update to 1.2 standard. The emission power of the radio module is +20 dBm and the sensitivity is -90 dBm, which means that the range could be more than 600 ft in open space. Its base can manage up to seven handsets and exists in two versions --: the first one includes an analog phone interface, and the second one embeds an ADSL modem-router, enabling a wireless broadband Internet access in Bluetooth or WiFi (as an option). In addition, the company says a Bluetooth headset can also be associated to the phone base and allows additional mobility because it is possible to answer to calls hands-free.

Inventel says it developed the Bluetooth cordless phone in France, in its own R&D laboratories. A prototype of the new product will be shown at the company's booth during the CeBIT tradeshow in Hanover, Germany on March 18-24, 2004.

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