Demand for Snow Blowers Highest in 10 Years in Parts of U.S.
Jan 2, 2004
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In several areas of the U.S., particularly the mid-Atlantic and the Northeast, snow blowers are in high demand with a shortage of supplies following winter storms that dumped snow on the areas.

Several local snow blower dealers in the Cache Valley in Utah, U.S., said that after a surge in sales triggered by recent snowstorms, supplies are running low and that the dealers most likely will not be able to order additional machines this year, according to The Herald Journal in Logan, UT, U.S.

Larger retailers are also reporting snow blower shortages, according to the report. An assistant manager at a Wal-Mart store in the area said it has only a couple snow blowers left, and a store manager at an area Home Depot, said the store is completely sold out of the machines, also according to the report.

Natural disasters—such as hurricanes on the East Coast and fires on the West Coast—contributed to the lack of snow blowers produced by manufacturers this year, because motors were used to meet the demand for generators, the report stated.

Not since 1993 have Utah, U.S. retailers seen the kind of demand for snow blowers and snowplows as they have in the last week.

Most of those surveyed in the Salt Lake Valley are sold out of stock and are looking to other states for inventory.

"There's high demand and nothing to sell," Blair Newman, owner of Sugarhouse Mower, told the Deseret Morning News. "Manufacturers build them in the summer months, so they're not even making any more."

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