SVA-Branded EVD Players to Hit Chinese Market
Dec 31, 2003
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A month after taking the nation's lead to unveil its Enhanced Versatile Disk (EVD) players, Shanghai General Electronic Digital Technology Co. Ltd. in 2 weeks will start to market the first 10,000 SVA-branded products in China for approximately 2,000 yuan (U.S. $242), the company announced during the opening ceremony of the Shanghai Shopping Festival.

The launch, which will take place throughout China in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, and Shenzhen, as well as the Yangtze Delta cities of Nanjing, Hangzhou, and Ningbo, is 1 month behind SVA's original schedule.

Part of the local shopping festival programs, the EVD player supply in Shanghai will be availed at key local supermarkets, department stores, and home appliance retailers, according to a Youth Daily report.

Market analysts show full confidence in market prospect for the all-China-patent EVD technology, betting the EVD players will soon replace DVD players with Chinese households.

If so, it will provide a strong remedy for the country's DVD industry, which claims to have been harassed hefty patent charges slapped by DVD technology's overseas patent owners.

According to manufacturers, EVD has more advanced technical characteristics and fuller functions than the existing DVDs. For example, its definition is five times better than that of DVDs.

Source of disks will not be a problem for popularization of EVD players, said Wang Lijun, supervisor of SVA's advertising department.

He said SVA has arranged more than 400 types of EVD disks of domestic and Hong Kong produced movies as well as concerts of overseas pop stars.

"What's more, EVD technology is compatible with DVD and VCD technologies so that people can play DVDs and VCDs on their EVD players," Mr. Wang added. ( Daily News)

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