Manufacturers Establish CEA's Mobile Audio Amplifier Power Rating Program
Dec 22, 2003
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The Consumer Electronics Association (CEA) announced that several of its members, including Alpine, Audiovox, Blackmore, Directed Electronics, Harman, Kenwood, Mitek, Pioneer, Rockford, Scosche, and Sony, are participating in its Mobile Audio Amplifier power rating and logo program. The initiative features products that comply with the CEA-2006 standard and carry the corresponding logo.

CEA-2006, Testing and Measurement Methods for Mobile Audio Amplifiers, provides a standard rating system for measuring the performance of mobile audio amplifiers. The logo and certification program was designed to make it easier for consumers to compare technical characteristics that determine the quality of mobile audio amplifiers.

The primary measurement criteria outlined in CEA-2006 are power output, the signal-to-noise ratio, and total harmonic distortion plus noise (THD+N). When shopping for mobile audio amplifier related products, consumers are advised to look for two primary ratings -- an amplifier's primary power output in watts RMS and the signal-to-noise ratio in dBA. The primary power output in watts is measured at a level with less than one percent THD+N to indicate how much continuous power the amplifier delivers at that low distortion level. The signal-to-noise ratio is measured at a reference level of one watt. A larger signal-to-noise ratio number indicates more desirable audio and less noise in an amplifier's output.

"This initiative not only addresses the market need for an industry developed standard, it also is part of the CEA's Mobile Division's commitment to help grow the mobile electronics business," said Stephen Witt, vice president, Alpine Electronics of America Inc. "Swift adoption of the standard by both manufacturers and retailers will strengthen the value proposition of separate amplifiers because the consumer will better understand the real value of adding more power to their systems," he added.

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