Sony Postpones PlayStation 2 Launch in China
Dec 22, 2003
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Japanese electronics and entertainment company Sony Corp. announced that it has postponed the launch of its PlayStation 2 game console in China, originally slated for December 20.

Sony declined to elaborate on what caused the delay.

"As for the reasons, we can only say preparations were not completed on the Sony side," a company spokesman said.

He also said it was unclear at the moment when the PlayStation 2 would hit the Chinese market. "We cannot even say whether it will be before the end of the year or after," the spokesman added.

Sony first announced the delay on its Chinese-language web site on December 19. In announcing the PlayStation 2 launch in China, a Sony official said last month the company must be "courageous" in facing what it sees as a major problem there -- the widespread production of fake goods.

The machine, which debuted in Japan in early 2000 and in the U.S. in late 2001, was set to hit Chinese shelves on December 20 with a price tag of 1,988 yuan (U.S. $240.20). It sells for $179 in the U.S.

Sony has sold 62 million PlayStation 2 consoles worldwide. Revenue from its game division is crucial to Sony's bottom line. (Reuters)

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