Guidant Introduces New Vacuum Stabilizer System for Beating Heart Surgery
Dec 19, 2003
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Guidant Corporation, an Indianapolis, IN, has launched its ACROBATâ„¢ SUV (Swivel, Universal, Vacuum) Stabilizer System for beating heart surgery. The ACROBAT SUV Stabilizer System is the next-generation addition to the established ACROBAT line of beating heart stabilization devices. The system is designed to provide optimal stabilization and visibility during beating heart coronary artery bypass graft (CABG) surgeries, according to a press release about the launch of the new medical device.

"Currently, beating heart surgery accounts for 25 percent of all CABG procedures performed in the United States," said Maria Degois-Sainz, president, Cardiac Surgery, Guidant Corporation, in a written statement. "Continuous innovation in beating heart surgery will simplify this procedure, thereby increasing surgeon adoption of beating heart surgery. With the introduction of ACROBAT SUV, Guidant will strengthen its competitiveness in this important market."

Traditional CABG requires surgeons to stop the patient's heart and artificially replace its blood-pumping and oxygen-providing functions by using cardiopulmonary bypass, also known as a heart-lung machine. Beating heart stabilization devices, such as the ACROBAT SUV, provide surgeons with the ability to perform CABG while the heart is still beating, eliminating the need for a heart-lung machine. Beating-heart CABG is proven to reduce the need for blood transfusions, decrease length of hospital stay and minimize the risk of cognitive impairment that can occur when traditional CABG is performed.

"The Acrobat SUV has solid arm strength and a swivel that gets the stabilizer to where I need it to go. The tri-slot socket provides better access and improved visibility," said Arthur H. Katz, M.D. of Palm Beach Gardens Medical Center in Florida. "The Acrobat SUV is an intuitive system that makes beating heart surgery easier to perform."

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