Chip Maker Intel Appoints Intel Fellows
Dec 12, 2003
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Intel Corporation, a Santa Clara, CA, U.S.-based computer chip maker, has announced the appointment of four individuals to the position of Intel Fellow. The new Intel Fellows are David Hwang, Randy Mooney, Brendan Traw, and Raj Yavatkar.

Intel Fellows and Intel senior Fellows represent one of the highest levels of technical achievement within the company. They are selected for their technical leadership, and outstanding contributions to the company and the industry.

Mr. Hwang, 50, is director of patterning and photomask technology in California Technology and Manufacturing, part of Intel's Technology and Manufacturing Group. Mr. Hwang joined Intel in 1987 and has been the primary architect for Intel's leading-edge mask technology capability. He is recognized worldwide as a leader in the mask-making industry, and has been influential in various industry consortia such as International Sematech. He has also written several technical papers and has two patents pending.

Mr. Mooney, 47, is director of I/O research in Intel's Microprocessor Technology Lab, part of the Corporate Technology Group. Mr. Mooney joined Intel in 1992 and is responsible for circuit and interconnect research for multi-gigabit, chip-to-chip connections on microprocessor platforms. He has been instrumental in driving consolidation of Intel's processor platform interconnect road map and pioneered fundamental circuit technology used in technologies such as PCI Express. He has authored several technical papers and is listed as an inventor or co-inventor on 39 patents.

Mr. Traw, 34, is director of content protection architecture in the Corporate Technology Group. Traw joined Intel in 1995, and is an expert in cryptography and networking. His current focus is on the management and protection of entertainment content in digital environments. He invented the technology for Digital Transmission Content Protection (DTCP), the basis for content protection in today's digital home networks, as well as other technologies that served as the foundation for protecting DVDs, DVD-Audio and various recordable media. A recognized leader across the computer, consumer electronics and content industries, Mr. Traw has published numerous papers and holds 10 patents, another 19 pending.

Mr. Yavatkar, 45, is director of IXA software architecture in the Intel Communications Group. Yavatkar joined Intel in 1995 and is responsible for defining the software for tools and applications development for Intel's IXP family of network processors. Mr. Yavatkar has led Intel's advanced research and development activities in programmable networks and designed a framework for policy-based network management that led to development of an industry-wide technical standard. He was a key player in the initial development of Intel's communications building block strategy, and holds five patents with 20 more pending.

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