Iranian, Japanese Firms Agree to Make TVs, Appliances
Dec 9, 2003
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A memorandum of understanding has been signed between Iran's Aria electronic company and Japan's Supra for production of color TV sets and household appliances.

Saleh Vahedi, head of Aria, said the production capacity would be 180,000 color TV sets and other household appliances annually. The current production is slated to reach 50 percent of the nominal capacity, he added.

Mr. Vahedi also said an agreement with another TV manufacturer is scheduled to be finalized in 3 weeks in which 50 percent of the plant's capacity will be allocated to production of color TV sets. He said about 25 percent of the production will be exported.

He added that Supra will supervise the production operations, supply the raw material, and is also obligated to transfer the technical know-how to Iran.

Mr. Vahedi criticized the government policy of reducing tariffs on imported color TV sets, saying the step will benefit the importers. "Furthermore," he said, "the constantly changing laws are bound to hurt the domestic producers." He said the electronic sector has witnessed progress and significant investments and "needs transparent and stable laws to advance further."

He said the country's needs for TV are about 2 million sets annually. The domestic manufacturers have the capacity to produce 2 million sets a year, but "due to various factors, they are producing below their capacity at about 1.2 million sets per year," Mr. Vahedi stated. (Asia Pulse, IRNA)

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