Samsung SDI Increases Monthly PDP Output
Dec 8, 2003
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Samsung SDI, South Korea's major plasma display panel (PDP) maker, announced that it started mass production of PDPs using three-panel technology on its new assembly line.

During the opening ceremony for Samsung SDI's second PDP line, company president Kim Soon-taek said, "With the start of the second PDP line, Samsung SDI has obtained absolute comparative advantage over its competitors in terms of quality, production cost and supply capabilities."

In November, Samsung SDI said it established a world record in monthly PDP production on a single line, as its first PDP line churned out 35,000 units by using a multi-panel technology through which two or three PDPs can be made from a single glass plate.

The new assembly line armed with a monthly capacity of 80,000 units is expected to lift the company's production to a total of 130,000 panels per month, widening the gap with LG (65,000), Fujitsu-Hitachi Plasma (60,000), NEC and Pioneer (51,000), and Matsushita (50,000).

The company, which aims to raise its global market share to 25 percent next year, sold 207,000 PDPs during the first three quarters of this year, a seven-fold increase from a year earlier. It expects its total annual sales to reach 330,000 in 2003, according to company officials.

"The PDP demand has been doubling every year, and even operating at full capacity, we cannot meet the surging demand," a Samsung SDI official said.

Samsung SDI is expected to post 900 billion won (approx. U.S. $757.8 million) in revenues this year and 3 trillion won (42.5 billion) in 2005. (Yonhap)

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