Canon to Enter TV Market with Displays
Dec 4, 2003
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Japanese camera and copy-machine maker Canon Inc. plans to enter the TV business as soon as next year by manufacturing thin displays in a new joint venture with Japanese electronics company Toshiba Corp.

Canon and Toshiba have been working together since 1999 to develop a next-generation display technology called SED, or surface-conduction electron-emitter displays, and plans to set up a joint venture in 2004 to mass-produce such displays, Canon spokesman said.

The SED display emits light on its own and doesn't require the back lighting of today's liquid crystal displays (LCDs). It is also said to use less power than plasma displays. Imagery on SED is also expected to be brighter and clearer than current displays.

The Nihon Keizai Shimbun newspaper reported that SED televisions will be manufactured under both the Canon and Toshiba brands. Initially they will be sold mainly overseas, taking advantage of Canon's brand image in digital cameras and office equipment, it said.

Toshiba announced recently it will stop making cathode ray tubes for TVs in Japan, and the newspaper report said the CRT plant will likely be used to make the new displays. But both companies denied the report as speculation, saying details were still being worked out with Toshiba. (AP)

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