Mocon Announces Acquisition of Vaculok Product Line
Dec 3, 2003
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Mocon Inc. (Minneapolis, MN, U.S.), a provider of instrumentation and consulting and laboratory services to industries including medical, pharmaceutical, and food, has acquired the Vaculok(R) vacuum insulated panel product line from Advantek, Inc. of Minnetonka, MN, U.S.

Vacuum insulated panels (VIPs) are devices that use unique technologies to excel in packaging applications requiring lengthy temperature protection.

"We are excited about this expansion of Mocon’s expertise into both our current and other new markets," commented Robert Demorest, Mocon’s president and CEO. "With this acquisition, we can now help our existing food, pharmaceutical, medical, and many other new customers in specialized packaging markets improve their handling of temperature-sensitive products from the point of manufacture to their destinations. An unacceptably high percentage of perishable shipments are wasted each year due to inadequate thermal packaging, and we believe VIP's are part of the solution."

Mocon is moving the Vaculok operation into its Brooklyn Park facilities immediately, and will begin manufacturing and shipping VIP's this month.

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