Hitachi Earns Gear of the Year Award
Dec 2, 2003
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Hitachi's Travelstar 7K60 2.5-in hard drive was named Maximum PC Magazine's Gear of the Year award for industry-leading performance. Said to be the fastest 2.5-in mobile HDD and the industry's first mobile drive to exceed the performance of larger 3.5-inch desktop HDDs, industry analysts believe desktop-equivalent performance will be a key factor in advancing the movement of notebooks as a desktop-replacement solution.

Maximum PC praised Hitachi's mobile technology innovations, citing the new Travelstar's 50 gigabit-per-sq-in areal density, improved shock resistance, and reduced power consumption achieved through Hitachi's slider technology. Called the "femto" slider, the hard drive component is the tiny flying wing that supports the read/write head above the surface of the disk. According to Maximum PC labs, the result is a 55-percent performance improvement over the Travelstar 5400 RPM model, which held the previous mobile hard-drive performance record.

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