Treo 600 Smartphone to Use Micron Technology Sensor
Nov 21, 2003
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Micron Technology, Inc. (Boise, ID, U.S.) has announced that its MT9V143 image sensor is featured in the new Treo 600 smartphone from palmOne, Inc.

The new camera-equipped smartphone, which incorporates a smaller, more phone-like design to achieve a combined phone and messaging device, is available at with service from Sprint and will be available from additional carriers in the U.S. and worldwide shortly.

The Treo 600 smartphone uses Micron's MT9V143 CMOS VGA image sensor, which is designed to operate under ultra low-power requirements while providing low-light sensitivity and noise reduction capabilities that result in superior photographic images.

The MT9V143 VGA sensor is one of Micron's first generation ultra low-power CMOS image sensors targeting the fast-growing mobile and handset markets. According to a forecast recently released by industry analyst, IDC, global shipments of the hybrid devices are projected to rise from 19 million last year to 298 million in 2007.

"With the MT9V143 we have achieved a high level of integration in our sensor SOC (System-On-a-Chip) products by incorporating full camera function with sophisticated processing algorithms onto a single chip, making it ideal for low-power mobile requirements," stated Suresh Venkatraman, product manager for Micron's Mobile Sensor Product Line, in a press release. "We believe our advanced feature-set and ease of integration into the Treo platform were key factors in Handspring choosing Micron."

Micron's current product offering for mobile applications includes CIF and VGA resolution imagers, as well as soon-to-be-announced new 1.3 and multi mega-pixel sensors. Enhanced user experience with continued movement upward in the quality and resolution scales is essential to the growth and adoption of camera-phones. Micron continues to develop technology to position itself at the forefront of this growth and industry demand.

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