Denmark's Danfoss to Move More Production to Slovenia
Nov 14, 2003
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Danish industrial multinational Danfoss plans to gradually move the production of district-heating temperature controllers from Germany-based Danfoss Regler to its Ljubljana subsidiary Danfoss Trata, the company said.

Danfoss Trata, which the Danish company acquired in 1995, is expected to generate sales of SIT 5 billion (21.2 million euros) this year, a record for the company that employs 180 people.

An additional 23 people are to be employed as a result of the increase in production, while the existing production facilities will be expanded. A new warehouse is to be constructed as well, valued at about 1 million euros.

Danfoss Trata is not the only Danfoss subsidiary in Slovenia; the Danish company also owns the Crnomelj-based Danfoss Compressors, one of the leading global makers of compressors for refrigerators and one of the largest Slovenian exporters.

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