Power Integrations and BBK Electronics Team Up to Save Energy
Nov 20, 2003
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Power Integrations Inc. (San Jose, CA, U.S.) has announced that BBK Electronics, one of China's leading manufacturers of audio/visual electronic equipment, will use Power Integrations' TinySwitch-II semiconductors with EcoSmart technology to cut standby energy waste below 1 W in the next generation of its DVD players.

The initial sub 1-W model is targeted for the Chinese market, while future models with this energy-saving feature will be for export around the world. The current standby requirement for DVD players in China is a maximum of 3 watts.

"As governments worldwide enact tougher efficiency regulations to cut standby energy waste, more electronics manufacturers are converting to efficient power supplies and adapters designed around our EcoSmart ICs to meet those standards," said Balu Balakrishnan, CEO and chief energy officer of Power Integrations. "BBK is one of the first DVD manufacturers in China to commit to a standby power consumption level far below the current 3-watt China regulation. This is good news for consumers and the environment, since DVD players are constantly wasting energy, even when consumers think there are turned off."

Under China's current 3-W standby regulation, twice as much energy is consumed during the 22 hours an average DVD player is not in operation than during the two hours per day it is typically in use.

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