Philips Elec to Develop Broadband Devices for French Market
Nov 19, 2003
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Royal Philips Electronics of the Netherlands announced a cooperation with France Telecom to jointly develop broadband, wireless home networks, connected devices, and value-added broadband-connected entertainment and communication services in France.

The aim is to offer consumers a combination of Philips products such as home networks and connected entertainment and communication technologies along with France Telecom’s broadband service and installation.

As part of the agreement, Philips and France Telecom will jointly develop and market fixed telecommunications as well as multimedia products. The companies have also agreed to share research on future product roadmaps in order to collaborate on new services, products, and content offerings to consumers. The companies say this could include entertainment services built around the Philips’ Streamium product that could allow people to listen to thousands of music recordings on demand at home.

“Our cooperation with France Telecom is another step to align Philips’ broadband ready connectivity and entertainment devices with the services and market channel expertise of broadband providers,” said Gottfried Dutine, CEO Philips Consumer Electronics and member of the Board of Management. “Additional to our earlier announced European telco partners, we will be able to target a growing base of millions of consumers in some of the largest European markets with a compelling out-of-the-box broadband entertainment experience that will meet their needs and expectations.”

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