Camera Phone Sales to Beat out Digital Cameras
Nov 19, 2003
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Nokia and other phone manufacturers are saying that phones with built-in cameras are becoming so popular, that this feature may soon be standard. This was the message of Nokia Spokesman Keith Nowak at the COMDEX trade show, held in Las Vegas, NV, U.S. on Nov. 17-19, reports USA Today.

The phones were introduced about 3 years ago in Japan.

This prediction may come true, especially since costs have gone down. Nokia, the No. 1 cellular phone maker, has introduced six cellular phone models within the past 2 months, all of which have built-in cameras, according to the report.

Costs are plummeting, too. USA Today also reported just less than a year ago, U.S. camera phones cost as much as U.S. $399. In addition to the cost, consumers also had to sign with cellular phone carriers for 2-year service agreements. Now, T-Mobile is giving a camera phone away—as long as consumers subscribe to monthly service. AT&T offers a camera phone for $49.99, plus service contract. Sprint offers a phone for $79.99, plus monthly contract, the report states.

It also says that, to date, 80 million camera phones have been sold worldwide versus 6 million in the U.S., according to research firm IDC says. This year, analyst Ron Glaz of IDC forecasts that more camera phones will be sold worldwide than digital cameras. He predicts that about 57 million camera phones will be sold worldwide as opposed to 44 million digital cameras.

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