Gateway to Sell SuSE Linux Servers
Nov 17, 2003
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Personal computer maker Gateway Inc. announced that it will offer the SuSE Linux AG's version of the open source Linux operating system on all of its servers, or network computers.

Gateway, which currently offers Microsoft Corp.'s server software and Red Hat Inc.'s version of Linux on most of its server models targeted at businesses, said that SuSE would become a strategic partner, allowing it to offer support for the server computers that it sells with the software company's software.

SuSE, based in Germany, agreed this month to be bought by U.S. software maker Novell Inc.for U.S. $210 million.

Linux software, which can be copied and modified freely, is a fast-growing alternative to Sun Microsystems Inc.'s version of the Unix operating system and Microsoft's software for servers, the powerful computers used to create networks, including for the Internet.

"SuSE is our first and only strategic partner that we've had in Linux," said Menekse Gencer, director of enterprise software at Gateway.

SuSE has long sought a greater presence in the U.S., where rival Red Hat has taken the lead in selling Linux server software to businesses.

The alliance with Gateway and the acquisition by Novell will help SuSE expand in the U.S. server software market, said Holger Dyroff, SuSE's North America general manager. (Reuters)

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