Study Says More Brazilians Have Appliances than Safe Sewage
Nov 12, 2003
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More Brazilians had telephone lines, refrigerators, and television sets in 2002 than access to a proper sewage system, according to recently-release government study.

The Brazilian Institute for Geography and Statistics said in a report that the number of households with telephones hit 61.6 percent last year, while just 46.4 percent were connected to an appropriate sewage network.

The percentage of households with fixed or mobile telephone lines tripled in the last 10 years, highlighting the countryís recent telecommunications boom following the privatization of the Telebras company 5 years ago, the study found.

"People miss what they think they need most, electricity and a telephone line, and thatís easier to obtainÖbasic sanitation is not something you may get yourself," said Jose Luiz Negrao Mucci, a professor in the environmental health department at University of Sao Paulo. (Reuters)

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