Toshiba to Double Production of HDD Products
Nov 11, 2003
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Tokyo, Japan-based Toshiba Corp. has announced that it would meet increasing demand for its 1.8-inch hard disk drives (HDD) by doubling production to 600,000 units a month by March 2004.

According to Toshiba, the drive delivers high-performance, high-capacity storage in a small form factor that has supported today's new breed of consumer electronics devices and mobile products. The drive has recently achieved a cumulative production of 3 million.

Toshiba said it will support increased production by expanding outsourcing, including manufacturing at Matsushita Kotobuki Electronics Industries Ltd.

Toshiba says its 1.8-in HDD has supported manufacturers in delivering functionality to mobile entertainment products, such as hand-held computers, ultraportable notebooks, portable hand-held GPS units, and MP3 players.

Toshiba entered 1.8-inch HDD market in 2000, when it started mass production of a PC-Card-type removable 1.8-inch HDD with a 2-GB capacity. Toshiba's latest 1.8-inch embedded HDD offers a capacity of 40 GB with 8-mm height and a 20-GB capacity with a 5-mm height.

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