Sharper Image Sales Surge 35 Percent in Q3
Nov 7, 2003
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Sharper Image Corp., a San Francisco, CA, U.S.-based specialty of innovative and high-tech products, many of which are personal appliances aimed at quality-of-life improvement, has announced a significant and growing proportion of sales are of proprietary products created by the company's product development group, Sharper Image Design

The company reports sales increases for October, the third quarter, and first nine months of the fiscal year. It also reports an increased earnings guidance of four cents to six cents per diluted share for the third quarter and U.S.$1.45 to U.S.$1.50 per diluted share for the fiscal year.

The earnings report show the following increases: comparable store sales, 12 percent; Internet sales, 34 percent; catalog sales, 47 percent; and a total company sales increase of 35 percent.

For the quarter ending Oct. 31, the third-quarter results show that total Company sales increased 35 percent to U.S.$50.5 million from last year's U.S.$37.4 million. Total store sales increased 28 percent to U.S.$25.6 million from U.S.$20.0 million in October 2002; comparable store sales increased 12 percent. Total catalog sales increased 47 percent to U.S.$17.8 million from the last October's U.S.$12.1 million. Internet sales increased 34 percent to U.S.$7.0 million from last October's U.S.$5.2 million.

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