GE Introduces New Trivection Oven
Nov 7, 2003
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General Electric (GE), headquartered in Louisville, KY, U.S., has introduced its new GE Profile oven, which uses Trivection technology.

The technology combines thermal, convection, and microwave energies and is being introduced through the GE Consumer Products Division. Tests of the oven show that speed modes allow foods to cook up to five times faster and can "speed roast" a turkey in about one-half of the typical time required, according to GE.

The Precise Air convection system uses a fan that reverses direction for optimal air and heat circulation, reportedly eliminating the need to rotate pans. Auto Recipe Conversion is said to automatically adjust standard recipe time and temperature for speedcook modes.

The company says it is introducing the oven now -- just before the holidays -- to provide consumers with this technology in time to cook their holidays meals.

"…Cooking foods quickly was not our only goal," said Leanne Dugan, general manager for GE Cooking Products. "We developed this oven to use the optimal combination of the best of three cooking methods in an effort to produce the best possible food."

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