Westinghouse Digital Offers LCD TVs through Retailer J&R
Nov 6, 2003
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Westinghouse Digital Electronics' new 27- and 30-in LCD TVs are now available through J&R, a consumer electronics retailer.

Based in City of Industry, CA, U.S., Westinghouse Digital sells LCD TVs through consumer electronics retailers and other resellers, with several digital entertainment product lines planned in 2004 for home, business, and portable use. The recent partnership with J&R is one way the company said it is building on the 120-year-old legacy of the Westinghouse brand.

"J&R is a worldwide leader in the consumer electronics industry, and we are very pleased to have our products sold through their Web site, catalog, and retail store in New York City," said Douglas Woo, president of Westinghouse Digital. "We are introducing the 'LCD TV lifestyle' to consumers, offering a wide variety of digital video entertainment options from a single platform that delivers vivid color, crisp images, and high resolution, while the sleek design adds sophistication to any decor."

Westinghouse Digital’s new LCD TVs reportedly allow consumers to enjoy broadcast, cable and satellite TV, HDTV, DVD and VHS movies, as well as to play video games and surf the Internet. The PIP (picture-in-picture) feature is said to display up to 13 channels simultaneously with audio swap capability and also offers mixed mode PIP split between a PC and the TV, enabling simultaneous viewing of the TV and a PC on a single flat-panel display.

"We are very excited to be partnered with Westinghouse Digital…. This is a name that we all grew up with, and we are pleased to offer Westinghouse LCD TVs to our customers," said Abe Brown, spokesperson for J&R. "The versatility of Westinghouse LCD TVs will transform family and personal entertainment, with the range of digital video experiences that can be enjoyed from a single platform."

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