LG Electronics, Samsung SDI See PDP Sales Skyrocket
Nov 5, 2003
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Consumer electronics producers LG Electronics Inc. and Samsung SDI Co. saw their sales of plasma display panels (PDPs) drastically jump this year thanks to booming exports, according to industry insiders.

Demand is so high, both abroad and at home, that the two digital flat panel display makers are unable to fulfill orders, though they recently installed more production facilities, the sources added.

In the first three quarters this year, LG Electronics reportedly sold three times the amount of PDPs it did in the same period last year, with exports soaring by 550 percent year-on-year.

In order to meet demand in the fast-growing PDP TV market, the company reportedly had to double production by beginning operations on its second PDP production line 3 months earlier than scheduled and is running all its lines 24 hr a day, without break. It is still said to be 20 percent behind on its orders each month.

LG Electronics is currently building a third PDP line, which will have an output of 75,000 units per month. With this new line, LG aims to become the world's biggest PDP maker with a monthly production of 140,000 units by 2005. The third line is scheduled to start in the second half of next year.

Samsung SDI sold 207,000 PDPs during the 9-month period, up 667 percent from a year earlier. Its PDP sales are expected to reach 330,000 for the whole year, with exports accounting for 80 to 90 percent of sales.

In terms of quarterly PDP sales, SDI was the second in the world after Japan's FHP in third quarter, but expects to lead all others in the fourth quarter.

Samsung SDI is also operating all its PDP lines without break, yet is still not able to catch up with demand.

The company forecasts its monthly PDP production will grow to 105,000 units when its second PDP production line for three-panel glass plates goes into operation in the fourth quarter. The second line will be able to make 65,000 PDPs per month. (Yonhap, Asia Pulse)

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