Weber-Stephens Introduces New Portable Grill
Nov 5, 2003
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Weber-Stephen Products Co. (Palatine, IL, U.S.) announced the introduction of its new Weber Baby Q.

According to the grill manufacturer, the Baby Q looks much like its portable Weber Q model, but is said to be lighter and more compact. The new grill weighs 35 lb, compared to the original Weber Q, which weights 41 lb. It is also said to take up less than two-thirds the storage space: it is only 14-in high, 27-in wide, and 16-in deep.

Just like its parent product, Weber says its Baby Q grill is different than most portable grills. While many portable grills are griddles (a solid, flat, heated surface), the company says its Weber Q and Weber Baby Q have a P-shaped burner tube that emits open flames under a porcelain-enameled, cast-iron cooking grate that reportedly work together to sear and smoke food.

Other features of the new portable grill include an infinite control burner valve, push-button ignition, and 8,500 BTU-per-hr input. It is also said to be virtually factory assembled. According to Weber, the grill is fueled by a standard 14.1-oz propane cylinder (sold separately) for up to 1.5 hr of grilling.

The Weber Baby Q will sell for approximately U.S. $149 in stores across the U.S. by mid-November, the company said.

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