LG Elec President Named Recipient of Industrial Award
Nov 3, 2003
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Woo Nam-kyun, president of LG Electronics Inc. in charge of digital display and media business, has been named the recipient of the Gold Tower Industrial Award, the Korean government's top prize awarded to outstanding industrialists. Mr. Woo was awarded the prestigious government citation for his contribution to the development of South Korea's display industry, company officials said.

Since his entry into LGE in 1974, Mr. Woo has spearheaded the company's efforts to develop a number of cutting-edge technologies and products, such as the world's largest 76-in PDP (plasma display panel) television and advanced system-on-chips, said company officials.

Thanks to Mr. Woo's contributions, LGE has reportedly generated 17.3 trillion won (U.S. $14.7 billion) in exports over the past 3 years in the display and media division alone. (Yonhap, Asia Pulse)

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