Philippine Electronics Industry Welcomes Taiwanese Investors
Oct 27, 2003
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Taiwanese investors are urged to invest in the Philippine electronics industry, especially in the manufacture of leadframes, substrates, molding compound, liquid crystal display, and semiconductor wafers, the Philippine Department of Trade and Industry said in a recent news release.

In the news release, Secretary of Trade and Industry Manuel Roxas was quoted as saying that Taiwanese companies are encouraged to follow the example of Ulead, a software company in Taiwan, to set up facilities in the Philippines "to provide real-time support."

He said that, last year, electronics accounted for 87 percent of the country's U.S. $2.5 billion exports to Taiwan and 67 percent of its $1.9 billion import from Taiwan.

"This trade has contributed to the Philippine's robust semiconductor manufacturing services industry," he said.

Mr. Roxas added there are also good opportunities for Taiwanese companies to invest in the agriculture, fishery, and aquatic resources of the Philippines. (CNA, Asia Pulse)

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