Samsung Expects New Tech to Boost Sales of Color TV
Oct 6, 2003
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SAMSUNG Electronics Co Ltd (Samsung) expects its new digital image technology, introduced in June, to boost its color television sales in Malaysia to 100,000 units by end-2004.

Its Kuala Lumpur office chief representative Kim Jeong Wook said for this year, the company expects sales of 80,000 units.

Samsung officially launched its Digital Natural Image engine (DNIe) technology, which it claims can further enhance the picture quality of color television.

Mr. Kim said the company foresees an increase in demand and high market penetration for digital televisions in Malaysia by 2004 with at least one in three LCD and plasma televisions sold in the Association of South-East Asian Nations region to be a Samsung DNIe equipped model.

Samsung, via Samsung Electronics Malaysia Seremban Complex, manufactures color picture tubes for televisions and color display for monitors and electron gun; glass panels and funnels for monitors; and 14-inch, 15-inch and 17-inch flatscreen color monitors.

The main products exported are monitors, color-picture tubes, color-display tubes, funnel and panels to South-East Asian countries, South Korea, Europe, and the US. A small percentage is domestically consumed.

Mr. Kim said Samsung hopes to sell some three million sets of color televisions in the South-East Asian region together with India and Australia this year.

Samsung hopes to be in the top-three of the color televisions segment in Malaysia with a market share between 12 and 15 percent, an increase from last year’s 10 percent.

Samsung expects to sell 13 million color television sets worldwide this year, and hopes to see an increase between 14 and 15 million sets next year and 2005, respectively.

The U.S. contributes the highest to Samsung’s sales revenue followed by Europe and Asia.

Mr. Kim said Samsung will be investing more than U.S. $5 billion for its sales and marketing programmes to launch DNIe in the Asia-Pacific region. (Business Times)

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