Jacuzzi Brands Considers Closure of Cast Iron Manufacturing Plant
Oct 1, 2003
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Jacuzzi Brands, Inc.announced that it is considering the closure of its Salem, OH, U.S. manufacturing plant where Eljer brand cast iron sinks and bathtubs are produced. In recent discussions with the United Steelworkers of America, which represents the production and maintenance workers in Salem, the company presented financial and market data to support its preliminary conclusion that continued manufacture of cast iron products in Salem is not a viable alternative.

The Salem facility, originally opened in 1908, produces cast iron sanitaryware for retail and wholesale customers, and employs 253 employees. In recent years, as prices in the retail and wholesale markets have been driven lower, the cost to manufacture in Salem has continued to escalate. As a result, and despite remaining committed to this market segment, the company has reached a preliminary determination that continued manufacturing in Salem is not economically feasible. Should the company decide to discontinue manufacturing in Salem, Eljer will continue to be a leading provider of cast iron products which would be made to Eljer's design and specification. Management does not expect any customer service disruptions as a result.

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