Folgers Introduces Custom Cafe Fresh Brew Coffee System
Sep 29, 2003
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Folgers has introduced Folgers Custom Cafe, a coffee brewing system for Foodservice that freshly brews each cup of coffee at the strength the consumer chooses. In addition to providing custom-strength regular and decaf coffee, Folgers Custom Cafe also offers two flavors of Folgers Gourmet Cappuccino or Folgers Cafe Latte. This all-in-one system reportedly allows consumers to enjoy a personalized coffee experience away from home, while at the same time solving major operational challenges for convenience stores, restaurants, hospitals, schools, workplace cafeterias and other self-service beverage bar locations.

"Folgers is committed to helping commercial partners grow their hot beverage sales, and the way to do that is to provide an exceptional coffee experience for consumers in the away-from-home market," said Norb Mayrhofer, general manager of Procter & Gamble's Commercial Products Group. "Custom Cafe achieves that goal by empowering consumers to personalize their coffee beverage down to the finest detail -- from brew strength to caffeine level to mixing with flavored creamy beverages -- and third-party research confirms that this 'just right' approach can dramatically improve consumer satisfaction and coffee sales."

Folgers teamed with coffee equipment manufacturer Bunn to bring the proprietary Custom Cafe technology to the marketplace.

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