Energizer Holdings, Inc. Files Response to Gillette's Patent Claims
Sep 23, 2003
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Energizer Holdings, Inc. filed its response to Gillette's complaint that the SchickĀ® the QUATTRO(TM) Razor is infringing Gillette's US Patent 6,212,777. Energizer denied that the QUATTRO infringes the patent; that it misappropriated Gillette's patented technology; and that a progressive geometric configuration for blades of a multi-blade razor is sufficiently innovative to be the subject of a patent. In addition, the company denied Gillette's assertions regarding Gillette's purported technological leadership over Schick. Energizer also denied that a four blade razor, such as the QUATTRO, would need to use the progressive geometric blade configuration which Gillette claims is protected by patent. In its filing, Energizer also asserted several defenses against Gillette's allegations, including that Gillette's patent is invalid and unenforceable.

The company also noted that in compliance with court orders, Energizer will respond to Gillette's motion for preliminary injunction on October 2.

"Schick-Wilkinson Sword (SWS) has its own extensive worldwide portfolio of patents in the shaving field resulting in significant investment of resources to develop innovative shaving products", said Pat Mulcahy, Chief Executive Officer. "SWS has shown true innovation in the wet shave market with the launch of Intuition(TM), the world's first all-in-one women's shaving system, earlier this year and now with the launch of QUATTRO, the world's first four- bladed razor. We are confident in our legal position, and we look forward to our day in court."

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