Weber-Stephen Products Recalls Gas Grills
Sep 11, 2003
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In cooperation with the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC), Weber-Stephen Products Co. of Palatine, IL, U.S. announced the voluntary recall of more than 44,000 gas grills.

The manufacturer recalled 43,000 of its Summit Gas Grills and 1,450 of its Vieluxe Gas Grills, reporting that the glass cover and components on the grills' thermometers can break, posing a risk of injury to the user or those nearby.

The company has received three reports of thermometers breaking, resulting in one injury.

The Summit Gas Grills are stainless steel and were sold as either a four-burner Silver series or six-burner Gold series. Affected model numbers are 5210001, 5310001, 5220001, 5320001, 5230001, 5330001, 5260001, 5360001, 5270001, 5370001, 5290001, and 5390001, with serial numbers beginning with the letters DT.

The private labeled Vieluxe Gas Grills were sold as either four-burner 44-in models or a six-burner 56-in models, are made of high-grade stainless steel, and are equipped with a rear-mounted IR burner and rotisserie device. Affected model numbers are 360201, 360102, 370201, 370102 and 370299, with serial numbers beginning with the letters DA, DU, and DT.

Weber grills with a brand name other than Vieluxe or Summit are not included in this recall.

The recalled Summit Gas Grills were manufactured in the U.S. and were sold at hardware, home improvement, and appliance stores and specialty dealers nationwide from August 2002 through August 2003 for between U.S. $900 and $1,700. The recalled Vieluxe grills were also made in the U.S. and were sold from January 2001 through July 2003 for between $4,000 and $6,000.

Consumers were encouraged to contact Weber-Stephen to receive a free replacement thermometer and were warned that they should not use the grill until the replacement thermometer has been installed in accordance with the instructions.

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